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The Circumstellar is a dining lighting fixture design. When the light is off the round disk is only has a matt white surface, but when turning on the light the rhombus pattern will show up. The idea about this is to create a simple gesture and as an audience, you can have a different experience.

3 cups


Translucent acrylic

Stainless steel wire cable

Translucent acrylic

Stainless steel gripper

Parabolic reflector

Mesh cylinder

Copper cylinder

Mesh cylinder

Copper core

I used a round disk shape as the screen for this projection. The screen is translucent which lets the pattern to be seen on both sides of the round disk. These two light sources to create the whole effect of the Circumstellar, One light points downward and one is point upward, the light source point down has a parabolic reflector in order to point the light to the dining table. And the light source which points upward will go through the mesh to create the shadow of the rhombus pattern.

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