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Fort Green park project

What will people do and bring to Fort Green park?

A tote bag to carry food and drinks.

Plastic bag for food.

Usually take bread and snack.

People like to lay on the hill.

People use plastic forks and plates.

Normally use a tote bag to carry everything.

More than 60% of the person is a group of two.

Young people like to use simple products.


Picnic tote bag design

The main idea of this design is sustainable and easy to use. To avoid plastic pollution this bag can be re-used to carry food. And the most important idea about this design is that this is a plate within the bag. The bag can turn into a plate when you still on the grass.


The bag can be fold to a plate by the snap on the inside. It can be easily fold and unfold. The side of the bag can be open on by the zipper.


The edge of this plate can use as four legs in order to prevent the plate to fall over on the uneven ground.


The Beeswax fabric inside can keep the food in a safe condition. And it can be easily clean after use.

Steps to fold

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

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