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Plywood stool with milk paint


A stool design

This stool design is about to understand the way of sitting. Usually, people think that a seat has to be at a certain height, but this project is about to think about the sitting position in another way. A seat can be relatively low in the heights and still comfortable to sit on. To design a comfortable and good looking stool is the goal of this project.


The idea about my design is about putting two different elements together to achieve a sharp angle looking body with a comfortable sitting experience. The way I achieve this idea is to combine the geometric and organic form together


The contour line pattern was created by removing the surface of the plywood. By taking away a different section of the plywood, the layer was started to show on the surface, since the plywood has different colors in the layer the color of the contour line was created by the material. The concave shape creates a comfortable sitting position to match the human body.

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