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A study of Italian Culture and Food

Collages of Italy, Yichen He, 2018


The goal of this project is to make a set of tableware for a Ristorante restaurant which indicates it is a high-level restaurant and to achieve the innovations in form and shape. According to the research, Italian people like to use their tableware to frame their food on the table as a way to exhibit their food. My design set named VESUVIO followed this concept and is designed based on the traditional need for Italian people to serve food. Besides this, I combined with my own understanding of presenting Italian dishes in a more modern way. In my set, you could see the perfect combination of plate and food, as well as the combination of culture and design.

Lasagne plate


Lasagne originated in Italy during the Middle Ages and has

traditionally been ascribed to the city of Naples. The first recorded recipe

was set down in the early 14th century Liber de Coquina. It bore only

a slight resemblance to the later traditional form of lasagne, featuring a

fermented dough flattened into a thin sheet, boiled, sprinkled with cheese

and spices, and then eaten with the use of a small pointed stick. Recipes

written in the century following the Liber de Coquina recommended boiling

the pasta in chicken broth and dressing it with cheese and chicken fat.

Spaghetti plate

Spaghetti Alla Matriciana

This is a Roman dish, often served in the trattorie of Trastevere.

For the sauce melt a tablespoonful of pork fat in a saucepan and in this fry

chopped onion, add about 3 oz. of pickled pork cut into short strips, when

it has cooked a few minutes, add 1 lb. of skinned and chopped tomatoes.

Cook over a fast flame for about 5 minutes only so that the tomatoes

retain their fresh taste. Cook about ¾ lb. of spaghetti, and as soon as it is

strained and in a hot dish, pour the well- seasoned sauce over it. Instead

of parmesan, grated pecorino. Romano cheese is eaten with spaghetti

all' amatriciana.


Grancevole, or granceole, is the spider crabs

of the Adriatic- large, bright scarlet, spiky beasts with

a most spectacular appearance but a rather less

sensational flavor. They are boiled, cleaned, the insides

scooped out, and the edible portions put back into the

shell, dressed with oil and lemon or with mayonnaise.

Grancevole plate

Cacciucco Bowl


Cacciucco, For the broth, heat a generous

amount of good olive oil in a large deep pan, throw

in a few cloves of garlic, a sliced onion, a few sages

leaves. Let these ingredients cook a little, but without

browning, then stir in enough tomato sauce to make

the broth of the consistency of thin soup, a little white

wine, and seasonings of salt, black pepper, and red

pepper, and a couple of bay leaves. In this soup cook

first, for 30 minutes, some octopus cut into strips.

Then add the other fish. Cook them all in the broth,

which should be sufficient for the fish to bath in with

ease, for about 20 minutes. Prepare for each person

at least 3 slices of bread either fried in oil or baked in

the oven. Put these in the bottom of the soup tureen,

put the fish on the top and then pour over the broth.

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