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A Modular Lighting Design


The Torche is a modular lighting design, it named the old French word Torche which indicates the use of fire to bring the light. The fixture of this lighting design is base on the word Modularity.

Torche can use as one single light source or multiple of them together. There are three pieces for each Torche, two light panels and one lightbox. With them together it gives a chance to create a different fixture for it to work on.


Desk lamp

zzx 3d render.32.jpg

Wall-mounted lighting

Dining lighting

light wall.78.jpg
DIAO DENG 18.25.jpg

Torche can be used as a desk lamp, just slide the fixture into the base on the table it will turn into the lamp. It also can be used as a wall-mounted light. With the base hung on the wall, it will be used as the wall light. And it can be used as dining lighting, with the rin fixture it can attach multiple torches together and form this dining lighting fixture.

light wall.77.png

The Torche is not limited by these three forms with a more different base it can be used as more different lighting and it is fun to play with them.

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